The Moore Family | Golden, CO

Family three hanging on bed
Baby girl with dog
Baby on floor with blocks
Baby on floor chewing on block
Baby girl standing in crib
Baby girl standing in crib
Father playing with baby in crib
Mom holding baby girl
Mom playing with baby girl
White dog laying on bed
Family on bed
Family playing on bed
Family smiling on bed
Baby girl grabbing moms hair
Family of three sitting on couch
Portrait of baby girl held by parents

It was such a joy to head to Golden, Colorado to visit my best friend Callie and meet her baby girl Willow. Willow was six months old by the time I made it out there so I missed the fresh baby stage but I was so SO happy to finally meet her! We spent a quick minute documenting this sweet stage their in.

Kristine Ridley Weilert

Portland, OR, 97209